Recruiting Participants

February’s Experimonth project is to eat dinner with your family and/or friends at a table every night for the month of February.  If you live alone, you are 100% encouraged to creatively define family, friends and/or table.

Some questions to think about:

  1. What meal you will aim to eat everyday with someone?
  2. Who will you aim to eat with?
  3. What happens if you have to travel or have some other conflict?
  4. What “table” will you eat at?  Can you eat at other tables?
  5. Will you watch TV while you eat?
  6. What do you think will change as a result of this effort?

As with any Experimonth project, it’s okay if you don’t make it every night or for the whole month as long as you blog about it.  Experimonth participants promise to always be upfront and forthright about their successes and their struggles.  Sign up to participate here.


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