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Hi, my name is Lisa and I live in Carrboro with my boyfriend and his daughter.  I’m 45 for another few weeks and I have two jobs at the moment, only one of which I’m happy with.   I suppose I should feel fortunate that I’m working at all at the moment.  I  have three kids of my own ages 20, 17 and 15, but the oldest is at college and the other two live with their dad a few miles away so I won’t be eating with them much this month.  If I do, I’ll be sure to mention it, as it will probably be  at a restaurant and not at home.   I’ve never participated in a “blog event” like this before so it should be interesting…for me, anyway, if not for you guys.  I’m not much of a foodie or a great cook, and I’m still getting my “new” kitchen together after living in the same place for the last 17 years and losing a lot of my utensils and things in the marital split.

So, in answer to the questions:

  1. What meal you will aim to eat everyday with someone? Generally dinner with the BF at home, but not with his daughter, because she has a very picky diet and almost never eats with us.  There should be a lot of lunches, too, as I work in Durham and he will be going to classes there 4 days a week, starting  tomorrow.
  2. Who will you aim to eat with? The BF every day, and my kids as much as I can manage it.
  3. What happens if you have to travel or have some other conflict? I’m thinking I won’t have to travel any this month, but I do have “kid transportation” emergencies from time to time, in which case I’ll probably be picking up some sort of take-out for us to eat, again at home.
  4. What “table” will you eat at?  Can you eat at other tables? We don’t have a dining room per se at our townhouse, but we do have a really cute little table near the kitchen that we got from overstock.com a few months ago, and we’ll be eating there for the most part.  When we go out we’ll eat at whatever table the restaurant gives us.  (Does eating at the bar count?)
  5. Will you watch TV while you eat? I can take this or leave it, as long  as the channel is not on Fox News, which it tends to be set on when I get home.  One thing we do like to watch is old Two and a Half Men repeats, so if we’re eating around 7 we’ll probably be watching those.
  6. What do you think will change as a result of this effort? I hope to come up with a more predictable dinner time and force myself to plan dinners and menus  a bit better.  For years I was driving my kids to soccer practice and games 4 to 5 times a week and we never sat down to the table to eat, except for special occasions like Thanksgiving.  Now soccer is pretty much over for them and so I think I’ll have the time to slow down, cook more, and enjoy meals with the ones I love.

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