Hi, I’m Tam.

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Hi, my name is Tam and this will be a challenge for me.

All of this blogging stuff is new to me. That is, I read, comment on blogs but haven’t really kept one. During this “Experimonth” I’m hoping to post more images, audio and maybe a video than words as I maintain this blog. I’ve just never been good about keeping up with traditional journals (so many words, so many pages, uggh.) However, after reading the premise of the Experimonth project I thought, “Hey that’s a neat idea” and I’m up for the challenge. This blog is likely to evolve as the 28 days wanes on — consider it organic.

My challenges: I live all by my lonesome. No spouse, kids, pets or friends/family crashing on my couch. (I consider my self very lucky.) Which means I have no default “eat meal X with X, Y and Z at Q o’clock.” Typically I’ve used mealtime as reflection time. I even have my own “secret spot” for lunch where I’m less likely to see colleagues or run into associates. I think we all need time to clear our heads and mealtime has typically been that time for me. My challenge will be to turn that reflection time into connection time and find other times in the day to reflect.

How I’m going to do this thing: Try to schedule 1 full meal (30min or more) with at least 1 member from one of my different “families” per day — breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a long snack. I’ll reach out to my friends, family and colleagues, which is something I’ve been wanting to do more of anyway. Any table will do, as long as I have company.

How I define family: Anyone that I have a relational bond with and freely give my time and attention.

How I define table: An object with a relatively flat surface that I can sit my food on and face/sit adjacent to my family member.

What do I think will change as a result of this effort?: Well I’m almost certain that my waistline will fluctuate in one of two directions. If I eat at some new, cool eateries or have more than one home cooked meal, I’ll be ok with the results from that, either direction.

I’m also curious to see if I’ll cook more because of this experiment. My mother sends me recipies on nearly a weekly basis. I use the excuse of not having more than one to eat with as an excuse. Hopefully I can kick off the lazy and do a little more cooking.

I hope that I become a little closer to all my respective “families” and learn a little more about them. I’m particularly interested in seeing how taking time out of everyday to spend with these people affects me. Will it drive me crazy? Will it motivate me? Will it make me want to break tables? I have no idea, but I’m excited to find out.



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2 responses to “Hi, I’m Tam.

  1. theedot

    Hi Tam! You’re totally up to a challenge–especially if you get to define its depth. And eat cake with me an’ Beck some night.

  2. Tam

    Oh you can count on some cake and whatever else eatin’ with you gals this month. I look forward to it!

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