Me, the fam and our table.

Posted by Morbo.

I’m thrilled to be participating in 28 tables as I was awed by the Raw Food Nutters (see, it’s funny because they had to eat a lot of nuts) and hope I’m up for such a challenge.

I’ll be eating with my family of five: the hubby, my turning-eight-on-the-15th-son, J, my six year old daughter, N, and my almost-four year old son, A. I swear I’m not paranoid about the internets. Well, maybe a little.

I’m a full time undergraduate student at UNC, and I will have my first round of tests for the semester this month. The hubby is an amazingly talented software developer who works from home for a company in South Carolina. I am hoping that since he has recently travelled we can get through the month of February without any trips but if not then the fam will be just me and the kids. 

  • 1st goal: no dinners out for the month. It’s a short month. We can do it. I can imagine ways in which this goal gets sort of met with various caveats but right now: no. 
  • 2nd goal: eat at our dining room table. We have a glorious kitchen counter with stools and on days where the hubby is working late or I am swamped with studying or the children have late activities I’ll serve dinner at the counter and there are waves of eating. It’s convenient but I’d like to break the habit.

Timing will be difficult, planning ahead to get around the time crunch at the end of the day. I think I may pick up the kids from school on certain days so that they can spend that extra half hour doing homework instead of riding the bus before Tae Kwon Do– if they get it done before class we’ll have more time afterwards for dinner. I’m happy to report that the soccer season does not start until March.

Date nights will also be tricky and I’m not sure how to handle that. It may be possible to have date nights later, after we’ve eaten with the children, but it may not be possible as our date night is usually Thursday and I have class at 8am the next day. Hmmm… Seeking childcare during lunch times on the weekends. 😉

My theory is that committing ourselves to have dinner at home will a) save us some much needed cash and b) force me to be much more organized when it comes to groceries and time. I find that I tend to waste a lot of time I have to be productive and then steal it from family time later. L. A. M. E.

I’m hoping to discover there is, in fact, enough time in the day when I keep my priorities straight.



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2 responses to “Me, the fam and our table.

  1. Whatevs. You are are sooooo paranoid of the interwebs. =)

    And I’m glad you’re doing this. And you owe me a burrito.

  2. Morbo

    I’m sorry, what? Why do I owe you a burrito? Because you want one?

    Some Tuesday you should come sit at our table. And we will make burritos.

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