18 Tables- Dinner in two parts

by Robeeno

Part One begins at my kitchen table . It is 4:15 and we are sitting down to dinner. Yes, dinner at 4:15. Not pre-dinner, no appetizers, or afternoon snack. See I had to be somewhere at 5:00 and if i wanted to eat at the table with my family we had to eat just that early. I started cooking at 3:30, something nourishing but easy.  But maybe eating before 5 was just a bad idea. Dinner for us usually occurs between 5:30 and 6:30.  Today no one was hungry and apparently before normal dinner hours my daughter doesn’t like any of the foods that she usually eats all the time.  Her objections were so loud i could barely carry on a conversation. It all lasted 15 minutes. I had to go. Which made me wonder: perhaps these meals need to have a time minimum for optimal enjoyment  and some form of consistency for the sake of sanity. Preparations were easy, sitting down to eat was chaotic.

Part deux involved joining friends and strangers serving and eating at 17 tables at the Rescue Mission.  Here preparations were chaotic as heck, but sharing was easy.


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