And I’m Shelly.

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For me, dinners this month are going to be about family and small pleasures.  By family I mean my girlfriend, Melissa. I expect to connect with Melissa a lot this month, and I look forward to time spent just talking and eating. By small pleasures, I mean things like setting the table, candlelight, silence in the house, wine, eating off of pretty plates, and using place mats. As we were preparing for for dinner last night I told Melissa that I may well end up buying us fancy place mats and napkins by the end of the month, since we’d actually use them.

I am Shelly. “Figuring out my career” is the biggest part of my life right now, and I’ve had the luxury of staying home for the past seven months while I’ve been working on that. I cook all of our meals save the occasional fancy breakfast, and I do all of our grocery shopping. Of late, I’ve even been good about planning our meals each week, and I’m excited about cooking in a way I haven’t been for a while. This experimonth comes at a really great time for me, ’cause eating at the table every night creates even more motivation to make spectacular dinners.

Last night, however, we had leftover lasagna and a salad. It was great, but it took us about five minutes to get it all together and start eating it. While we ate, we talked about the way we always have some kind of entertainment going. We usually watch our Netflixes while we eat dinner, and once in a while we even eat in front of our computers. We also talked about dinner when we were kids–neither of us really ate at the table each night, growing up.  Other conversation topics were children, our future, travel, burnt cat whiskers, and what we were going to do after we ate.

Our rules are simple:

1) We eat together at a table every night, and it’ll usually be the dining room table but we’re open to eating out;

2) Cats are allowed on the table as long as they don’t interfere with the food;

3) No television or other entertainment. Just conversation.

Forget placemats; I might even buy salt and pepper shakers this month. That’d be a big step.


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  1. Jules

    Hi, Shelly! I enjoyed reading your post and leftover lasagna sounds wonderful. I often eat in front of the computer or am doing something else other than paying attention to what it is I’m eating; and as a kid my family almost always ate dinner in front of the television…so very little quality time. Your plan for the month sounds great!

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