I am Erin, too. Please, pull up a chair.

Submitted by Erin H. (I may need a new name…there are so many Erins this month!)

First off, my husband, Evan, is wondering why these experiments of mine also seem to involve him in some way.  Luckily, this one is a bit easier on his lifestyle than the Month in the Raw in January.  I suppose there will be a lot more “we”s in these posts than “I”s this time around.

Our dining story:  Both of us grew up in families that love to eat.  Both families made a point to eat together at dinner.  Meals were typically home cooked 6 days of the week.  Pizza Fridays were my family’s splurge.  So, all this pre-conditioning carried over into our marriage: dinners are cooked and at the table at least 5/6 days a week and it became that way without much discussion. However, we recently moved to Indianapolis from Durham and our lives are not quite settled.  This is the pivotal month.  Pending anything unforseen, we will be moving into our new house at the end of the month. Typically, this would be a situation in which we could easily slip in to a series of eating out sessions mixed with TV mixed with “grab what you can and go” episodes.  So this experiment is happening at an interesting time.

My goals:

  1. Continue to eat meals “at the table” with Evan.   As there may not actually be a table for a time during the move, there may be picnics in the future.  But for us, “at the table” more represents a time to enjoy the food, catch-up, continue to learn about each other, laugh and discuss the bigger questions in life.
  2. I work from home and have a habit of eating breakfast and lunch in front of the computer.  I will attempt to eat these meals “at the table” with myself – taking time to enjoy my food, check-in, listen to myself and contemplate the bigger questions in life. 
  3. Our relocation to Indiana brings us closer to family and old friends and presents the opportunity to meet and make friends in a new place.  At least once a week we would like to take advantage of this new location and have at least one meal with friends (old and new) or family “at the table”…because food always tastes better when shared with many.

Experiments are supposed to leave you more educated once it is all said and done.  I’m interested to find out what new things I can learn about Evan, myself, my friends and family.



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2 responses to “I am Erin, too. Please, pull up a chair.

  1. Will you be sharing what these bigger questions are that you and Evan are pondering? Are they different bigger questions than the ones you ponder by yourself? Welcome aboard, matey! My only regret is that we are getting to know each other better now that you are inaccessible. Better late than never though.

  2. indyerin09

    I believe these greater questions will be shared, as well as the smaller questions, too. Tonight we discussed the naming of drugs and whether or not the names fit the function – I’d give examples but I’m not sure which I’m allowed to talk about – it’s all very hush, hush when you work for a drug company.

    And hey, better to get to know each other this way than not at all! By the way, I bought a certain someone’s demo CD today…

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