My name is Allison, and I have a Pal and a Confidant.

posted by Allison

In Beck Tench, that is–I am firmly clutched to her coattails in this blogarific month-long journey (including the 28 Tables Experiment itself). I’ll expound a bit more in my own direction, but I want to give a general “ditto” to everything Beck said. I’ll be eating usually dinner with her, at home or out, just us or with many fellow participants, no telly but records are a go, and no, sorry Juice, no kittens on the table.

I want to use 28 Tables as an excuse to try new recipes; to eat with friends and loved ones more often; and maybe even to blog once a day about it all. I’m not sure if there’s anything greater that I’d want to get out of this experience, ’cause Beck and I have some pretty good conversations and I love spending time with her. Also we’re both pretty handy in the kitchen and this can be a good reason to have more cake on hand for the whole month. MMM cake.

So cheers y’all! I’ll be seeing you around.


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