Robin’s attempt to introuce herself…

Hi, there!

Im Robin, but a lot of my oldschool friends call me Robeen-o. Kind of like the gas remedy Bean-O. Not sure if that was intentional or not. I am a vegetarian after all and I do enjoy the beans.

Im looking forward to this experimonth. For me, 28 Tables is an excellent opportunity for community building and strengthening family ties.  Throughout my crazy life the one consistent rock-steady thing in it has been the dinner table. Growing up with my mom we ALWAYS ate dinner together at the table. The same with my Dad. Dad’s dinner table ALWAYS came with a good side of  “Hee Haw”.  Now that I have my own family I continue to make it a point to sit down together for dinner, minus the “Hee Haw”.

I live with my husband and 3 year old daughter. Horticulture is my passion and my job.  Im a stubborn hippy with a punk rock heart and  I have a lot of convictions. One is that I do not eat meat. My daughter is vegetarian, too.  My husband and i trade off cooking meals, which is really nice. He gets home before me so that on nights that I have to squeeze dinner in between getting home at 5:30 and my Tuesday night meetings at 6, we can still eat together.

My goals are this:   1.No restaurants. I want to have dinner at home, in someone else’s home, or some place of community.  Any sort of table will do. Potlucks count, picnics count, dinner at Elmo’s does not count (errgg, this will be hard!).  No more pay-day dinner’s out.

2.      Eat with my husband and daughter, but also share dinner with as many different people as possible. Family, friends, strangers, it doesnt matter.  As long as we are together and enjoying one anothers company. I’ll try to invite people  that I do not know very well to come over for dinner.This will only work if they take me up on my offer.  My cooking is decent, and i promise at least a good laugh!

To TV I say “boo”!   Background music is permissible so long as it’s not distracting. I want to be able to have real conversations and really BE with my fellow diners.

Through all of this I hope to get a better grip on committment. Follow through with the “we should hang out sometime”‘s and really get to know people. It will also be an excellent opportunity to become a better cook, try new recipies, and get out of the dinner rut.




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4 responses to “Robin’s attempt to introuce herself…

  1. Weeeeell, I happen to be free Tuesday nights throughout this experimentation….

  2. robeeno

    You’re on! We’ve just elected Tuesday night as our pizza night, but I can make exceptions if you’d like. I love to make mom food and nourish my guests.

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