The First Table

Day one of twenty-eight.

Day one of twenty-eight.

The attention Allison and I gave our dinner yesterday was exceptional.  First, we spent nearly an hour earlier that day discussing how we would handle situations like Superbowl parties, work travel, fire pits and musical accompaniment.  Second, we decided to make two dishes from The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook that we’d never made before: Polenta with Garlicky Greens and Gratinéed Asparagas with Parmesan. Third, we broke out a bottle of good wine – 2003 Mt. Jagged Shiraz (Allison displaying, Beck displaying) – which is something we don’t do enough.  Fourth, we ate by candle light, which is something we do about as often as we break out the good wine (in fact, the two events probably always occur in tandem).

It was a fantastic dinner and a good pairing.  We had a very lengthy meal and conversation — about an hour and a half.  Juice only interrupted once.

I found myself looking forward to talking to Allison tonight during my workday today.  I was comforted by the fact that we have reserved time together.  There’s nothing keeping me from doing that on any night, but it feels different to me because we’ve booked the time.



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5 responses to “The First Table

  1. robeeno

    Holy crap! Your meal sounds/looks amazing. Not just the food, but also the time you were able to put into enjoying it. Beautiful.

  2. I love the phrase “Holy crap!”

  3. robeeno

    Whew! I was afraid it was a tasteless introduction to a comment about food. But I say it all the time.

  4. elizabef

    Your menu sounds delicious! I will probably try both of those recipes at some point.

    Even though I’m not participating in this experimonth, I was thinking about it tonight and realized I too often eat quickly and distractedly in the car on my way to work, at my desk, or on the couch in front of the tv at home. So I’m going to try to eat breakfast and/or dinner sitting down at the bar in my kitchen (I don’t have a table) instead of in front of the tv. I’ve been inspired, even though I’m not participating. 🙂

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