First Fail

Posted by Morbo

Despite my preparedness in making a crock pot dinner today– in the pot at 9am with a full eight hours of lovely slow-cookin time ahead– the logistical nightmare of this evening did not work out. I ended up on campus by 3:30 for a talk by Gary Parr, deputy chairman at Lazard, an investment firm that advises financial institutions and has been working with a lot of the big names during this financial crisis. Point is: it was worth going. Anecdotes you wouldn’t believe and insight other people pay mad monies for. He was really engaging– mostly he answered questions and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Could not scribble notes fast enough. (If you know me, you’ve guessed it by now, I’ve got a fleeting crush. Not my fault: dude is crazy smart.)

By the time I was out of there (after 6) the family back home had already dug into the delicious pot roast and veggies. I ended up staying on campus to study and eating alone which, though productive, sucksucksucked. Goal: make more in-town or on-campus friends with whom to have spontaneous dinners with if necessary. Did I mention it sucked?



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3 responses to “First Fail

  1. Question: How do you think it sucked differently because of 28tables? Was the suckage more experiment-related (I missed a table and I want to do all 28) or more a result of missing the time w/fam?

  2. That 28) is supposed to be the number 28 and an end parenthesis: 28 )

  3. Morbo

    It sucked because I had prepared and planned and thought about how we were going to be together for dinner. I was happily anticipating that everything was going to work out because I had made dinner ahead of time. I’m usually not looking forward to dinner, not thinking very much about it. We end up doing a lot of on the fly stuff. I was sad to miss it and miss the time I had set aside for family.

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