I’m Melissa, and I’m a slacker.

Posted by Melissa

Depending on your point of view, my introductory entry is either late due to slackness, or virtuously late due to being too focused on a project at work. Either way, so far I have had two evenings of sit-down dinners, and I’m looking forward to this month. I kept up with the raw bloggers last month, and that was pretty hardcore. Eating dinner at the table every night? That’s easy.

My name is Melissa, and I’m a scientist living in Durham with my partner, Shelly, and five cats. Shelly is also participating in the blogging here, and writes under the name gracefully. She and I have similar reasons for participating in this Experimonth. On a typical night, Shelly, since she stays at home, will cook us dinner while I am either away at the dojo or futzing around on the computer. We eat dinner in front of the TV, generally while watching our latest NetFlix arrival. We have a perfectly fine dining room table, but since we moved into our new house, we’ve only used it for playing board games.

Primarily, I look forward to connecting with people this month. So far, our two meals have been with each other, but I want to take this opportunity to invite other people over more often. Already, Shelly and I have had some serious conversations the past two nights, and I’m enjoying this. We have no restrictions on food, we are trying to be more frugal with our meal plans, but meals at restaurants or getting take-out qualifies for us. The only thing that is required is that there’s no TV and we actively engage with each other.

The cats have decided that they are family, and hence get to join us at the dinner table. We try to shoo them off, but since our dinning room table doesn’t usually have food on it, they have always been allowed to go up there. They are confused why, after years of being ok, it’s all of a sudden wrong for them to be up there. It’s a big table though, so as long as they stay away from the food, we’ve given up trying to discipline them.

My updates may be few, given that Shelly will likely cover most of the evening meals.


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