My Table

by Robeeno

Our kitchen table is always a mess. We hardly ever get to put down a meal without having to really clear the table first. So, Ive been thinking (probably waaaay too much) that since our table is the star of the show here I need to treat it as such. For the next 25 days I will do my best to treat it like the food altar that it is.  No more 3 day old spaghetti sauce stains, half-full glasses that sit around all day, or toys.  Once any meal is over I will wave my magic wand ( or sponge really) and make it shine. A clean table makes for a peaceful kitchen.

Before no more!

before                                     no more!



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2 responses to “My Table

  1. indyerin09

    And it’s good to know that you see the glass (that used to be on the table) as half-full!

  2. Jules

    your post made me smile. and what a beautiful table you have there! now she is shining like the star she is

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