Two for Table Two

Posted by Beck Tench

Table number two.

Table number two.

You could say I was waiting for last night even before we began this experiment because I am always waiting to have hot dogs.  Now that the thought occurs to me, I think I have another goal for this experiment and it is to have hot dogs more than any other meal.  Here I am eating (veggie) hot dogs with homemade (vegan) chili, cheddar cheese (And I helped!) and yellow mustard on a potato bread bun with onion rings. It’s quite possibly my favorite meal and I always want to have it for dinner.  My carbonated water is from a Soda Club, which I received as a gift for Christmas and so far highly recommend.

Tonight’s meal was much shorter than last night’s.  I found that for the first few bites, my meal tasted especially good (like mindful eating good).  My focus only stayed that way for a few minutes, but it was nice.

We ended our meal with a friendly game of push the bottle cap across the table closest to the edge, but so that it doesn’t fall off.  I won.


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  1. Morbo

    Hooooot dooooogs.

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