Lunch, Ladies and (Poopy) Brown Folders

Posted by Tam

Lunch with (Poopy) Folders

{Lacquered plywood table, Conference style with Work family @ Lunch}

We often circulate loads of magazines, annuals and various memos in our office. We pass them around in large folders. Well, at least, we’re supposed to pass them. With the day to day hustle they often start to accumulate. The next thing you know you have a graveyard of brown folders on your desk. Some of us affectionately call them “poopy” folders because of their brown color and the eminent groan that comes from your co-worker as you plop down another one on their already massive stack. In an attempt to cut down on the stacks, a couple of my co-workers and myself decided to look through them over lunch.

Since I dine out most of the time, I didn’t bring my lunch. I made a quick dash to get some druken noodles and spring rolls. Delicious. My colleagues brought their (clearly) more nutritious lunches. We talked about how they often eat at their desk through lunch making the day a continuous stream of checking email, grazing, and other work day activity. We caught up on water cooler talk; American Idol, basketball, the super bowl, how many Oscar films do you have left on your list, etc.

The end result: We all felt satisfied from our meals and we’d taken some time away from our desk. We’ll definitely do it again, and perhaps I’ll get some lunch packing tips and save a couple of bucks next time.


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