the space we make for Things

Posted by Erin B.

Timing is an interesting thing. Such as: today is the first Tuesday gap day in 28tables (or 24tables, as it were, or possibly 25tables since my little bro’s birthday falls on a Tuesday and we will probably all eat together. But I digress), and I was walking out the door just as my family was waking up, ran into the house to literally change clothes between jobs, grab a banana, and run back out of the house, and arrived back to the house after everyone was in bed after job#2. This is the typical schedule that I’ve been on for the last few months. Some weeks I don’t see my little sister for days even though we sleep in the same room. This would be the case if I lived on my own, so I’m not saying it’s necessarily it’s a big deal, it’s just weird.

Today one of the other supervisors at job#2 got fired for stealing (who DOES that?!?!?!), so lots of holes have appeared in the schedule, ripe for me to fill them. This is great, as I am in a mad work-as-much-as-I-can-and-save-up-all-my-monies craze that will last approximately 2 years. All this is to say that with everything you do comes opportunity cost. Everything displaces something else. This week with both jobs, I’m looking right around 70 hours of work time. Work displaces something. But here is something that it will not be displacing this month: dinner with my family. It’s nice to know that I have an hour set aside every day so that when I run into the house after my job and my little brother and sister start their ritualistic show-and-tell immediately upon my entry, I’ll have time to listen to them (or nod my head and smile, as it sometimes goes).

An opportunity cost model I recommend applying to everything you are thinking about doing:

Thing: 1 hour with my family, sharing a meal
Opportunity: Digestion of food, our day, and life issues. Grounding (I have always looked to my parents for grounding. Though when I was a kid, this meant something entirely different…)
Cost: An hour lost at work.
Assessment: Totally worth it.


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