1-2-3-4, Tell Me That You Love Me More

I love that song by Feist 

This post has nothing to do with the song other than being a single post about Tables 1, 2, 3 & 4.  Some tables happened…some tables didn’t….

Table 1: Impromptu

This was an impromptu table. I had forgotten it was February 1st and the first day of the 28 Tables experiment, but I actually shared a meal with my girlfriend, Pilar. She makes a great cup of coffee in the French press, so we started our day with a caffeine buzz. And for breakfast I made us a “Quick Breakfast Quesadilla.” It is very easy and quite delicious, so I thought I’d share the recipe:

Quick Breakfast Quesadilla
2 Servings

2 eggs
2 ounces grated low-fat cheese or Parmesan cheese 
2 tablespoons salsa 
2 small flour tortillas (preferably whole wheat) 

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Scramble the egg quickly in a small skillet. Fold in the salsa and cheese. Put the tortilla on a lightly oiled cookie sheet. Put the egg mixture on one half and fold over the other half to cover. Bake for 5 minutes or until the tortilla is crisp. 

Our table for this meal was the coffee table in front of the couch where I have to admit we started watching a movie we rented the previous night. Which reminds me, I need to return those movies – they’re late! Anyway, we were too into the movie for much conversation, but this was before I posted my goals in my first post.

Table 2: 1 Human, 2 Cats

For Monday night Pilar and I talked about meeting at my place for a home-cooked dinner for two. Unfortunately, those plans fell through.

Since it was last minute and I couldn’t think of anyone to have over on such short notice, I had to come up with an alternate plan…

A sit-down dinner with my two cats, Edgar and Joko!

I thought this would be interesting. They have been with me for over 11 years and are very much like a family. Not a day goes by when one or both of them are at the door to greet me when I come home from work and I’m end up on my hands-and-knees rubbing somebody’s belly. Sometimes my life is so busy or my head is filled with too many thoughts that I don’t pay them as much attention as I could. So I wondered if it was reasonable for 1 human and 2 cats to actually share a meal together…at the dinner table! The idea of cat hair in my food is unappetizing, so I definitely don’t invite or encourage them to hang out on the tabletop. My idea was to open up a yummy can of wet cat food, a treat they don’t get very often, and arrange the chairs at the table where I could set their food and they could join me while I ate my quick-and-easy Ground Turkey Spinach Salad with tomato and Parmesan cheese. This was a recipe I quickly made up…it was getting late and all I had to work with was what was in the fridge. 

After rearranging the kitchen furniture and prepping my food, it was the grand opening of the canned cat food. Kittes magically appeared in the kitchen out of nowhere and the chorus of meowing began. I spooned the food on 2 saucers, placed them on the chairs and then sat down at the table with my food waiting for the cats to jump up on the chairs and join me. For a few minutes they just sat there on the floor looking up at me and then looking up at the chairs and then back at me. Finally I said, “Come on up here,” and patted the seat of a chair. When that didn’t work, I had to physically pick each cat up on plop him/her down next to the food. They got the idea and settled into slurping on the saucers. 

This scene last about 2 minutes before Edgar, decided that eating on a chair just wasn’t his style and he jumped down. Then after a minute or two, Joko decided to leave the table too. So it was just me and 2 chairs with saucers of cat food. Cats sure are particular about where they eat. A dog, on the other hand, would have been up on those chairs in a heartbeat! 

I guess Edgar and Joko prefer eating their food on the floor. Maybe next time our table will be the floor….picnic style!

Click here to see sets of pics from the dining event.

Table 3: Work Overturns The Table

On Monday night before I left work, I asked my co-worker, Joe, if he’d be interested in going out to lunch. Our team almost never goes out for lunch together, and I thought it would be a nice opportunity to get to know him on a more personal level since we work closely together on various projects. He was receptive to the idea, but when it came time for lunch on Tuesday, work overturned Table 3. He was waiting on several things relating to a shipment that needed to go out this week; 30 laptops needed to be setup by Friday to shipped to Africa. We decided we would try for another day.

Table 4: Spirit Lifter

Dinner was at Pop’s in downtown Durham and one of my favorite restaurants.

I had invited a few friends to go out for dinner Wednesday night. The food at Pop’s is wonderful, but a bit pricey, so my girlfriend and I did what we’ve usually been doing to save money whenever we go out to eat: split a dish. This works out pretty well since a single portion at most restaurants are typically enough for two. Plus, there’s something a bit romantic about sharing a dish. There’s sharing the menu and making a mutual decision on what we want to eat. And once the food arrives, one of us will usually say, “May I serve you?” 

Being in the company of friends really lifted my spirits that evening. After a hard day at work all I wanted to do is go home and vegetate. But after dinner, I was feeling energized after a good meal and all that smiling going on at the dinner table!



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2 responses to “1-2-3-4, Tell Me That You Love Me More

  1. Jenny Tilford

    I love the picture of you and the cats! I’m glad you enjoyed our dinner at Pops. It is always fun to go out with friends and have someone wait on you, isn’t it? I love the recipes you are posting also. I am so lazy that I hardly ever cook, but you are inspiring me to maybe try.

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