Name That Dinner Club!

Posted by Beck Tench

In September of 2007, the above motley crew of physical therapists, library folk and techies started eating dinners together every first Wednesday of the month.  This past Wednesday, we met at The Mint, an Indian restaurant on Franklin Street.  The food and service were fantastic.

We started with appetizers (pakora, samosa, fried potato and fried cheese with chutney and tamarind sauce) and then each ordered a dish to share.  There were five veggie dishes (palak paneer, subz, a mushroom dish, an eggplant dish, and something I can’t remember) and three meat dishes (prawns, chicken kabobs, lamb curry).  We had inordinate amounts of garlic naan and were too stuffed (for the first time, I believe) to order dessert.

We decided that our group needs a name and ask you to help us decide:



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5 responses to “Name That Dinner Club!

  1. Jules

    fun video! what did you use to film it? i’ll have to add The Mint to my UrbanSpoon & check it out (always looking for new/good restaurants). i vote for “8 Plates”

  2. pakiki1246

    I saw that restaurant the other day and wondered if it was any good. Thanks for the scouting report!

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