The “Let me cook for you” Interrogation

Submitted by Erin H.

I love to entertain, but if hubby had his way there would never be non-family member crossing the threshold into our abode.  It makes for an interesting interplay between us over weekend plans: What are we going to do? With whom? Where?  With one of my (and by default, our) 28tables goals being that we are eating a meal with other people at least once a week, I now have an excuse to invite people over.

So, next week is the first week during this experiment when we will be inviting another to eat at our table.  It is also the first time we’ve made dinner for another person in a loooong time.  So as I navigate the plans, I am reminded at how much more is involved when you decide to cook for new people.  There is a lot to take into account.  Luckily, we don’t have Robeeno’s anxiety over entertaining this particular guest.  We already know we get along well with him; there’s a long history to our relationship.  The questions are purely food-based.  Maybe you’re familiar with the majority of them?

  • He wants to bring something.  What should we say?
  • Try making something new or stick with what we know?
  • Exotic or “comfort food”?
  • What food preferences does he have?  Allergies?
  • Dessert/no dessert?
  • Wine/beer/neither?

Most of those can be cleared up quickly but there is still some anxiety over the menu.  We have no problem matching an oriental salad with a pasta dish, but is it appropriate for guests?  We typically eat pretty healthy dinners – lots of veggies, whole grains, etc. – but do we want to force that on someone else?  And, if our meal sucks we can laugh it off and fall back on grilled cheese – what happens if he hates the meal?  He’ll be too polite to say so and we’ll send him home hungry…or sick!  There’s a lot of pressure picking the perfect meal…three days until “the big night” and the decision has yet to be made.  I’m up for suggestions and I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

P.S.  R, if you’re reading this, we are very much looking forward to it, despite the “anxieties” I have just expressed!  Just be forgiving.



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3 responses to “The “Let me cook for you” Interrogation

  1. robeeno

    Ha! No, i totally know what you mean. I had all the same questions and was really bummed when I had to cancel. Despite the anxiety it is fun and exciting! And I feel like I cheated because I’ve been to her house now and all my questions were answered, no blind run! Just make what you are comfortable with, even your favorite meal. What’s the worst that could happen? He hates it and never talks to you again? I dont think so.
    ps: dessert, dessert, dessert!

  2. He wants to bring something. What should we say? Tell him to bring himself. If he was raised that not bringing anything to someone’s house is rude, tell him to bring flowers.

    Try making something new or stick with what we know? Stick with what you know.

    Exotic or “comfort food”? Make this call based on what you assume he would prefer.

    What food preferences does he have? Allergies? Just ask. We always do.

    Dessert/no dessert? Dessert!

    Wine/beer/neither? Have both on hand.

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