A week gone by

by Robeeno

I must say that I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts this first week. It’s been really fun meeting everyone and hearing about how things are going. I love all of the positive energy here.

In summary, my first week has gone really well. At least, according to somewhat planned.  Well, ok, so I’ve followed my rules. My family has eaten together every night except for  Wed. and i managed to have dinner that night with my daughter and neighbor. And on the first night of February I managed to double up: first eating with my family and then preparing a huge meal with good friends and sharing it with them and the good people who rely on such volunteers at the Rescue Mission.  

In-between nights have been identical to each other. I rush home, excited to put down a meal made from a new recipe, and enjoy 20 minutes of complaining from a three year old going through a food crisis.  While slightly annoying, i find her excuses quite entertaining. Last night I made Karens peanut noodles (amazing), which my daughter refused to eat because peanut butter DOES NOT go on noodles.  It goes on jelly sandwiches, Mom!  How could I have missed that? This new fusion totally blew her mind. 

As I head into the next week I am looking forward to a potluck tomorrow night, dinner with my brother and sister Monday, and who knows what else. I also hope to find a recipe that will totally rock  my daughters world, in a good way. Any suggestions?


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One response to “A week gone by

  1. Morbo

    I have a white chili recipe we eat with tortilla chips. I’ll have to post that one later. My six year old daughter is a picky eater and I’m convinced she is made of peanut butter and cheese.

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