Five 4 Table Six

Posted by Beck Tench

Dinner at Toast with Elizabeth, Howard and Brad

Dinner at Toast with Elizabeth, Allison, Howard, me and Brad

Several years ago, I was in the habit of going to the downtown bar, Joe and Jo’s, every Friday night.  I would have a Red Oak or two and share wings with the best wing-eating partner, ever, Rachelle.  Friends would stop by and a joyous time was had by all.  When JJ’s closed, no other establishment could provide the same balance of good beer, diverse people and grit, so our crowd dispersed and the habit fizzled.

With the opening of The Pinhook, a more-than-suitable JJ’s replacement, I have reclaimed my former happy hour habit.  Last night, after a sufficient stay, we walked down to Toast, shoved three tables into one and had delicious soup and sammies*.  You may recognize Howard from this post on Another HCI Blog, Elizabeth from A Month in the Raw fame and Brad from his video vignette on The Smartwool Experiment.  Allison and I both had the three cheese grilled cheese (so sharp and savory).  I had the cauliflower purée soup (a personal favorite) and Allison had the Ribollita, which she said was super tasty.

We talked excitedly about current, future and past Experimonth projects.  Both Elizabeth and I are surprised at how much we’re looking forward to May (Walk a Mile) and June (Wake up at 5am).  Howard suggested “Do a favor for someone everyday” and I realized that could easily be done in December (Give up and give). A highlight for me was when I asked the owner to snap this picture because we were going to blog about it and she said that she read about us in the Indy.  So cool.

*That one’s just for you, Brad.



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