Sunday Dinner

posted by Karen

For the last few months, we’ve started having lots of people over for Sunday dinner. Today there were 17 of us (counting babies):

The 2-08 Sunday Dinner Crowd
The 2-08 Sunday Dinner Crowd

For Sunday dinner, I come up with a theme and provide the main dish while others can bring sides or sodas if they want. Tonight was pasta night, so I made turkey meatballs, boiled up spaghetti and cheese ravioli, and heated up some jarred sauce. Others brought salad, broccoli casserole, bruschetta, and fruit salad with vanilla sauce. Erin provided some Jamocha custard from Goodberry’s for dessert.

The food was good and the company was great.



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5 responses to “Sunday Dinner

  1. allison

    Wow! Such a crowd for dinner! Looks like a fun time. (As a mental note, I should give more thought to hosting potlucks instead of trying to make everything myself.)

  2. Morbo

    hahaha. There’s always room for five more, right? 😉

  3. Meike

    The picture came out nice! Could you email it to me? My mom wanted a copy. Thanks again for opening your home to all of us each Sunday! We always love spending time with you guys!

  4. Matt

    The table is open.
    All are welcome.
    The rules are simple:
    Come at 6
    Leave by 8
    Bring something if you want

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