Thoughts on eating out.

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Our family eats together at the table pretty frequently already. Because we have younger kids we have a no-TV-during-the-week policy (the final weeks of March Madness is a notable exception). So far, not eating on the fly has been only slightly inconvenient. The kids will come to dinner when asked, the hubby works from home and it’s just not a problem when prioritized.

The bigger revelation was yesterday. The children had Tae Kwon Do and the hubby came along. After, we went for a stroll on UNC’s campus. This is something we did regularly when he was still a student and I was occupied with baby #1. The weather was beautiful, a young man was practicing his guitar on a bench and the people, hurrying and hunched under large bags full of books and laptops and who knows what other tools of Serious Academic Inquiry, saw the kids running by and flashed us huge smiles. It was surreal, the sight of my daughter’s hair billowing behind her as she chased her older brother with our youngest son trailing doggedly behind.

Yesterday afternoon was an attitude shift. Sometimes they happen. I get consumed with what has been lost or the unattainable things ahead of us now and I forget that a good walk and good weather changes everything. I wonder why I forget these obvious things.

Naturally we had dinner on Franklin Street. At one of our favorite places that we haven’t been to in forever. We took our time, the littlest of us hopping out of his seat wandering about. There were at least three spilled drinks. Multiple trips to the counter for stuff we had forgotten. My daughter was inspired to share a long rambling story that none of us could follow, her big brother interrupting often with, “What do you mean? What?”

It was a lovely (and still a bit unearthly) continuation of a good walk.

This is all to say that what I have learned so far is:

1) It’s just not that hard for us when prioritized.

2) Eating out should be a part of a larger experience.



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2 responses to “Thoughts on eating out.

  1. “A good walk and good weather changes everything.” So true. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. indyerin09

    I loved this post. I hope you can find these moments more often!

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