I Don’t Eat Eyeballs.

Submitted by Erin H.

We had out first “entertaining at home” dinner for the month.  All of my questions about cooking dinner for another person were answered and laid to rest last night.  We had a great time.

On the menu:

  • warmed spinach salad with homemade dressing and fried egg (makes for an interesting  topper to a salad)
  • white chicken chili
  • whole wheat cornbread with honey
  • flourless chocolate cake
  • beer and tomato ranch veggie chips brought by Ross

The chili and salad were familiar to me, but the cornbread and cake were experiments and if my tongue and the other empty glasses/plates/bowls around me are any indication, I’d have to say that it was a pretty good meal.

I was also nice to hang out with our friend, Ross, and converse without distractions.  The bonus to having dinner at home is that it is not an activity which requires your attention to be elsewhere (like going to a museum or a play, as we’ve done in the past) and you don’t have a waiter interrupting you.  It can go at the pace that everyone dictates.  Conversation abounded.  Initially we talked about food (what else?) and how it’s always a little gamble to cook for people because you don’t really know their tastes.  Ross assured me that as long as it didn’t have his three “dislikes” he would eat it.  That quickly turned into listing things that he assumed I would take for granted that he didn’t eat.  “I don’t eat eyeballs.  I don’t eat glass”, etc.  We did find out, though, that he has tried cow tongue before. Apparently it is really chewy.  Little snippets of conversation from the rest of the evening included: “Remember when you bought that throwing star?” , books we’ve read – from one, we learned people make bad decisions when sexually aroused…really?, Evan’s mad temper when it comes to washing dishes, our scary-as-hell physics teacher from high school (Ross: “I got a 14% on my first test”, Erin” “Me, too!”, Evan remained conspicuously quiet)…  It was a great time with lots of laughter and a wonderful treat on a weekday night. 

Ross and Evan with a fabulous cake

Ross and Evan with a fabulous cake


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