by Robeeno

I seem to have fallen off the blog wagon. It didnt hurt, but I m having a hard time putting my thoughts together. It has been a very busy week.

Sunday involved an awesome potluck.  The intent was to taste the stews and casseroles everyone brought and then fill up containers with everyone elses stuff so that you have an assortment of things to eat throughout the week. But…everything was so delicious it got gobbled up at the party.  I sat at a table with my family and lots of people I had a great time getting to know.   Recipes were exchanged and I will have to share a few here. And I scored the ONE album that has been missing from my collection for almost 10 years. Ive just been too cheap to buy it.

Monday my sister and brother came over for some non-vegan vegan lasagna. I subbed this tofu mixture for ricotta but used dairy cheese for everything else. It’s yummy.  My bro and sis have been triangulating here with me for the past two years and have only gotten together once.  Sister lives in CH and Bro lives in Raleigh, I live in Durham.  It was really nice to have them over . We usually just get to hang out at family gatherings.  It’s time to change that.  Since our house is tiny we converted our laps into tables and ate in the livingroom.  It was a lot of fun. Even my husband commented several times on how much he enjoyed having them over.  We decided to make this a monthly event.

The last three nights were eat and run. Ive felt guilty about not being able to take my time and make a good meal with love.  I truly believe in the passing along of emotions in cooking. We have been able to eat at our kitchen table and have had some really fun conversations, though. My husband is planning a big spring break trip, which has been the main topic of conversation lately.  I had to make an exception last night due to my husbands preoccupation with Carolina basketball. He ate with friends and my daughter and I ate at home .  We had pizza. She cracks me up.  It was a gift eating together, hearing her funny stories about all the silly stuff she likes to eat (chocolate chip bacon?) and what she did that day. Being a working mom, it made me realize how much I really need to make more time for moments like that.  Time to just soak her up.

Saturday I hope to make up for this weeks craziness. I want to take my time and plan out a really great meal for everyone, cook it with love, and eat it slow.



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4 responses to “Recently

  1. vbragg

    I was supposed to do a potluck thing like that on Sunday but I got sick and had to miss it. Was yours at Crystal and Clinton’s?

  2. robeeno

    Actually, it was at Crystal and Clinton’s! Im sorry you were sick. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Morbo

    Yes! Time to soak her up. 🙂

  4. vbragg

    Well, I look forward to meeting you at the next one!

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