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This Experimonth has been enlightening: it’s not hard to find people to join me for meals. When I don’t have someone to eat with, it’s because I choose to eat alone. There is always someone to eat with if I just ask, be it co-workers, friends or family. Now that I’ve actively been pursing finding some meal-time companionship I realize how important food is to the social make-up of society. Ok, I was aware of it, but I had never really thought it was important to my life. It’s probably similiar to having to learn from your own mistakes. I have learned that it’s probably one of the easiest ways for me to maintain/nurture/build friendships.

I know a lot of the bloggers were looking forward to Twenty-Eight Tables to converse and connect with their families. I basically just started blogging because a lot of the people who I really like were blogging. I’m not a grand thinker. I don’t analyze things (although I’d say I’m analytical at work so who knows). I wasn’t expecting to actually find myself really getting a lot of connections goin’ on. I’ve been eating lunch with co-workers that I haven’t spent time with in years. I’ve been spending more time with new and old friends. It’s just cool. I hope I keep it up.

Pizza and the game Puerto Rico with Amy and Boomer
Pizza and Puerto Rico

Potluck with Beck and Allison

What happens when bloggers fight over table photos...

What happens when bloggers fight over table photos...



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2 responses to “Connecting

  1. robeeno

    I really enjoyed reading this. I share the same thoughts on this experiment. Reconnecting is so rejuvenating.

  2. tfergus

    How the heck do you play Puerto Rico?!?!?!

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