Dating Myself

Submitted by Erin H.

Goal 1: Eat dinner with Evan every night? Check.  Goal 2: Eat  a meal with someone else at least once a week?  Check.  Goal 3: Eat weekday breakfast and lunch at the table me, myself and I with no distractions…ummm

I was doing great that first week. I made a date with myself twice every weekday and stuck to it.  I can’t say I thought about anything particularly life-changing, as I had hoped.  It was mostly about the things that I had to do or wondering why I couldn’t think of something profound – this was the time to really be able to focus on me and nothing else, right?  But I found these meals to be a little boring (what does that say about my company?).  I wasn’t savoring my food but simply mowing through to get back to work.

This week, with the official purchase of the new house and all the utility canceling, address changing, realtor calling that goes with it, I practically forgot about my breakfast and lunch dates.  I stood myself up all but one time.  The emotions are conflicting: Am I embarassed/angry that my meal date didn’t show up? Or do I have valid excuses for not being in the dating mood?

Next week, I would love to start getting back in the  game.  I think my date would be forgiving.  Unlike last time, I plan on going into this date thing with no expectations and see where it goes from there.  Isn’t that how the best relationships are formed anyway?


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