Have a Happier Birthday!

By Erin H.

Warning: This starts out a little sad, and I’m sorry for it, but I promise that the ending is happy.

Last year on February 10th, my brother Adam was in a very bad car wreck.  He was on his way home to meet my dad for a dinner event later that night and the Michigan roads were horrible.  My Mom was out of town, and so it was my dad who got “the call” and had to deal with the first 24 hours alone.  Looooong, awful story short, Adam was in the ICU for over a week and there were some very critical nights.  But, on the 18th he came to – he wasn’t truly aware of what was happening, but he was awake, talking and his body was functioning.  That day was also my dad’s birthday.  And while we may not have celebrated had the outcome been different, we made sure to have a small celebration that night because we knew Adam was going to be okay.  For the next three weeks, Adam went through serious rehabilitation and brain tests. 

So it’s been a year since that time.  In that year, Adam got married to a Ukranian woman named Olga and they have been living in the same city as my parents.  My youngest brother Ben just moved back home as a temporary spot before his new job starts.  And I’ve moved from NC to Indianapolis – much closer.  I think the accident has all been on our minds the past few days.  So with my dad’s birthday coming around again, and me being so close, I made sure to drive home and surprise him so that this year he could have all of his family (+new daughter in law) home to celebrate. 

We all gathered, very gratefully, around the table Wednesday night.  We enjoyed homemade lasagna, garlic bread that  Ben made and an amazing banana/carmel cake made by Olga.    I  “impressed” Olga with the new Russian words I’ve been learning.  We talked about Ben’s upcoming trip to Calfornia and Adam and Olga’s work plans for the summer.  We talked about everything but the accident and it was lovely.


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