Still Eatin’

Table No. 16

Table No. 16

As friend and former co-experimenter, Elizabeth, told me yesterday… I need to blog more.  (So I am.)

Allison and I have enjoyed 21 meals together in a row, with the exception of last Friday when she (wisely) made a quesadilla before heading to the Pinhook where word-on-the-street was that the taco truck was remarkably anti-vegetarian (and it was).  Even that night, though, we were together while we ate our separate meals.

Tonight was our last table together until the 25th.  Over salads at Jason’s Deli, we talked about ways we’ve changed so far:

  • We have more thoughtful conversations than normal. One of the things I’ve always loved about my relationship with Allison is that every once in a while we’ll engage in a really satisfying, intellectually stimulating conversation.  With Twenty-eight Tables, we’ve had several of those types of conversations each week.  It’s great.
  • We’ve tried new foods. At least four of our tables we’ve cooked something completely new.  Considering how routine we are with our meals, four new meals in three weeks is significant.
  • We watch way less TV. With the exception of Futurama lulling us to sleep each night, I don’t think we’ve watched much TV at all this month.  I can only think of one (weeknight) evening when I’ve watched TV.
  • I work less in the evenings. I decided a week ago to not take my laptop out of my bag until after dinner.  I’ve also been reading more.
  • We’re doing this together. Allison and I are all about personal goals, but we don’t have joint ones too often.  It’s been neat to be aiming for the same thing.  I like her on my team.

So far, so good.  This has been an easy and rewarding experiment.  I look forward to seeing if it changes our habits after the 28 days are up.


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