Spaghetti and a Little TLC

By Erin H.

Whew!  February is almost over and I still don’t know where the time went.  Weekend #1, we drove to northern Indiana for some weekend camping.  Weekend #2, we drove to Ann Arbor/Detroit to visit family.  Three days later I was back in the car headed to Kalamazoo for my dad’s birthday.  I came back the next day to get ready for our final move.  During the day and a half that I had to pack and get ready, I developed aches, chills, a fever and a killer headache.  So, not much packing got done and bedtime was early. That already brings us to last Friday night.   My parents and father-in-law came in to help us with the move.  I sat like a bum on the couch, glassy-eyed and with a little moaning, while everybody else enjoyed pizza and made a game-plan for Saturday.  The big day arrived (as did a winter storm) and we hauled and schlepped and heaved all day.  My parents took off that night and we went out to dinner with my father-in-law where we all sat around eating in silence, wallowing in our exhaustion. Bright and early the next morning Evan drove to Lansing to visit his grandmother who has been in the hospital for over a week.  He returned home that night only to have to go over to our well-meaning new neighbor’s house for dinner.  Needless to say, life has been busy.  (Though, through it all we’ve had every dinner at a table without much thought.) 

Last night was Evan and Erin’s first night alone in the new house.  No guests, no dinner invitations, no deadlines pressing.  We met at the old house as Evan was coming home from work. As we packed up the cars with our remaining odds and ends we made grand plans to get X, Y and Z done that night.  When we pulled up to the new house, Evan began unpacking the cars and I started dinner.  Dinner wasn’t fancy; I broke into our emergency supply of spaghetti.  When the pasta was ready and the faux-garlic bread done baking, I remembered the bottle of celebratory champagne that was still in our fridge.  Clearing off our small kitchen table we sat down with our warm, comforting spaghetti and glasses of bubbly.  We talked about the evolution of our housing together, how having cable after two months almost seems foreign, and a million other things that had nothingto do with moving.  We were slow to get up from the table.  Our plans of X, Y and Z became whittled down to: let’s just clear a path up the stairs before we go to bed.  The rest of our evening was slow, spontaneous and wonderful.  We both realized that though we had been in each other’s presence the past few days…weeks…month, we haven’t actually spent that much quality time together.  Last night’s dinner gave us a little bit of that TLC that we individually needed and that we needed together.  It’s amazing what a good meal (even a quick, easy one) can make you become aware of.


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