What am i doing?

by Robeeno

Crap! What am I doing? I just caught myself breaking every single goal established here by me. Right here at the very end of the month.  It snuck up on me. It was over so quick!

The rest of my peeps left town at 4:30 pm.  I’m home alone, sick.  So in retrospect I feel like it’s ok to have scarfed down a spicy warm indian burrito on the couch with the TV on and computer humming.  I would have made terrible company tonight anyways.  And although I have some really good friends, I wouldn’t want to impose my current affliction on them simply to have dinner company. Plus, big confession here, I kinda liked it.

Ever since i was a kid being sick meant you got to break the rules.  My mom gave me soda for tummy aches, i could watch tv, and lay around on the couch.  I didnt have to join the family at the dinner table, although i missed it. Mom would also follow me around with a can of lysol.  Ha! Moms.  Anyways, it almost seemed natural to have had a night “off”.

Tonight’s dinner was preceded by a surprise dinner guest on Wed and a long awaited extended family dinner in Greensboro.  Every thursday night for at least the last 15 years my Great Aunt has cooked a BIG meal and anyone who can goes.  We average 10, and this includes cousins, parents, siblings, and family friends. I rarely get to go, but this month  i had to find a way. Conversation is always entertaining. This time we talked about chickens, the Oscars, India, and rediculous car accidents people have had.

Now Homey is telling me about the potential snow we may get on Sunday. I think I may have heard it like six times already.  It is definitely no substitution for real dinner company or conversation.


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