Still Seated

by Erin H.

On dinner with Hubby:  There is a lot to be said for eating at the table.  Your conversation has a chance to venture into wild places, you learn more about the people you dine with (even after knowing them for 10 years!), and your food is not there just for sustinance, but to give your tongue enriching experiences.  Even with our busy lives, Evan and I make time to sit down and eat together.  Looking forward to it gets us through the day.  During the experiment, I was interested to see if making a conscious effort to sit down at dinner would really change our routine.  I was convinced that we already ate together every night, but sometimes you trick yourself into thinking one thing even when doing another.  But, I am happy to say that this part of the experiment was not difficult at all and I proved to myself that we have always been eating together and will continue to do so.

On dining with others: I loved that this experiment gave me an excuse to have dinner with others.  Growing up, I can’t say my family always had dinner guests, but with five loud, outgoing people, the table always seemed full and action-packed.  I miss the crazy of my family dining and inviting friends over for dinner takes me back just a little to those days.  Luckily, I was also able to spend plenty of time with family this month for various reasons, some good and some bad, so I was fortunate to revisit the full effect a couple times, too.  I would like to continue to share a table with people at least once a month, but I’m a little more outgoing than my other half, so there may have to be some convincing in order to keep it up.

On dining with myself:  I knew this goal was going to be my challenge, and it was.  Of the potential 20 weekdays I had to eat a meal by myself, I think I actually did it about 11 times.  55%…it’s a question of “glass half full/glass half empty”.  Is doing it eleven days great?  Or is a 55% rate of attempting something a failure?  It did become much easier to sit down with myself when the computer was on a separate floor and I even found myself eating breakfast in the kitchen yesterday.  I do enjoy the time that I have to sit and plan out the day or just watch the goings on outside.  I can see myself taking the time to eat breakfast at the table when I don’t have a million things I want to achieve that day.  And maybe if I give myself more chances, I might actually begin to quiet the to-do lists and listen to myself – something that never really occured this month.


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