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Twenty-eight Tables Traffic Report

Weekly traffic pattern for Twenty-eight Tables

Weekly traffic pattern for Twenty-eight Tables

After 70 posts and 113 comments from 16 participants, Twenty-eight Tables received over 2,100 visits in one month.  The traffic spiked on February 3rd with 194 views in one day.

Experimonth.com sent the most visits our way.  Alpha Inventions, Google Reader and The Independent were other popular referrers.  The most popular post was the About page, followed by Shelly’s Family post, Beck’s Name That Dinner Club! poll and Robin’s Friends and neighbors.

The most popular outbound links were Allison’s Flickr photostream and the blogs of Erin and Anton.

Aside from the obvious I-already-know-the-blog-exists-but-I-can’t-remember-the-url searches, the following popular and/or peculiar Google searches landed folks  on this blog:

  • weird conversation topics
  • we can do it
  • funny conversation topics
  • dinner club names
  • conversation topics for children
  • “we can do it” poster for women’s lib
  • four layer cake
  • eating out dinner conversations
  • poopy lunch
  • “floor picnic” recipes
  • ideal meal to make for girlfriend first

Over 152 tags were used to describe our posts, moods and experience in 8 categories. Fourteen of the comments we received were Spam.  Authors posted accordingly:

  1. Erin H. – 13 posts
  2. Erin B. – 11 posts
  3. Beck – 9 posts (not inc. this one)
  4. Robin – 8 posts
  5. Morbo – 7 posts
  6. Vivian – 4 posts
  7. Allison – 3 posts
  8. Karen – 3 posts
  9. Anton – 2 posts
  10. Jules – 2 posts
  11. Shelly – 2 posts
  12. Tam – 2 posts
  13. Lisa – 1 post
  14. Matt – 1 post
  15. Melissa – 1 post
  16. Pat – 1 post

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Dinner for the Bloggers, etc.

Posted by Erin B.

Attention 28 Tables bloggers: You are hereby invited to dinner at our house on Sunday Feb 22nd.

Shoot me an email if you plan to attend, and details will be sent: EmberBrown@gmail.com

Put it on yo’ calanders.

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Posted by Erin B.

Yesterday, due to SuperBowl events, my family partook of 28Tables lunch style. We had a delightful gathering at Briggs. It was breakfast for lunch that was supposed to be dinner.

Tonight my dad was out of town, so it was just me, my mother, and my little bro and sis. My mom wanted some gym time, so I volunteered to stop by the store after job#2 to pick up some things and make a rock-awesome stir-fry for dinner (I now declare that all adjectives that come before stir-fry must also be hyphenated for effect). When it comes to things like kick-ass stir-fry and pasta sauce (which will surely be making an appearance next time it’s my night to cook), I go a little crazy. I like a lot of things in my food stuffs.

A picture tour of the food preparations:

Dinner break down:

Playlist while cleaning kitchen/making dinner included selections by: Cake, Elvis Costello, Uncle Tupelo, Indigo Girls, Rihanna (you can stand under my um-ber-ella, ey ey ey), Cobie Caillat, Missy Higgins, Amy Ray, Sting, The Refreshments.

Ingredients for crazy-super-yums stir fry included selections of: mushrooms, carrots, red onions, red peppers, baby bok choy, zucchini, squash, green beans, cilantro, pineapple, garlic, noodles, and store-bought stir-fry sauce.

Cost: Surprisingly inexpensive. We had a lot of the ingredients, so the total came to about $11. For feeding 4 people, plus left overs for my dinner tomorrow, that’s pretty dang good (that’s not including the wine my mom picked up on her way home).

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My name is Allison, and I have a Pal and a Confidant.

posted by Allison

In Beck Tench, that is–I am firmly clutched to her coattails in this blogarific month-long journey (including the 28 Tables Experiment itself). I’ll expound a bit more in my own direction, but I want to give a general “ditto” to everything Beck said. I’ll be eating usually dinner with her, at home or out, just us or with many fellow participants, no telly but records are a go, and no, sorry Juice, no kittens on the table.

I want to use 28 Tables as an excuse to try new recipes; to eat with friends and loved ones more often; and maybe even to blog once a day about it all. I’m not sure if there’s anything greater that I’d want to get out of this experience, ’cause Beck and I have some pretty good conversations and I love spending time with her. Also we’re both pretty handy in the kitchen and this can be a good reason to have more cake on hand for the whole month. MMM cake.

So cheers y’all! I’ll be seeing you around.

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My name is Beck and I’m a pal and a confidant.

For the last four years, Allison and I have eaten dinner together nearly every night.  There are times when we’re traveling separately or when one of us goes out with friends and the other doesn’t, but I bet:

  • 80% of our dinners have been together, on the couch, watching a DVD of a) The Simpsons; b) The Golden Girls; or c) for a brief time in 2006, King of the Hill.
  • 18% of our dinners have been at some restaurant, most likely Jason’s Deli.
  • 2% of our dinners have been eaten without one another.

We talked this morning about how we’d like to approach the project and here’s what we’ve decided:

  1. We’ll promise to eat dinner with one another every night for the month of February.  If we can’t do dinner, we’ll try to eat another meal together the same day. If we can’t do that, we’ll try to at least contact one another and have a conversation.
  2. No TV during dinner, but music is okay.
  3. A table constitutes any sort of beacon for hungry-minded people.  A firepit, for example, is a perfectly valid table.

I hope as February passes, Allison and I will laugh more, learn things we never knew about each other, try new recipes, drink good wine, and eat many meals with good friends.

Cheers to tables in general and to each of my co-experimenters!

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