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Posted by Erin B.

Yesterday, due to SuperBowl events, my family partook of 28Tables lunch style. We had a delightful gathering at Briggs. It was breakfast for lunch that was supposed to be dinner.

Tonight my dad was out of town, so it was just me, my mother, and my little bro and sis. My mom wanted some gym time, so I volunteered to stop by the store after job#2 to pick up some things and make a rock-awesome stir-fry for dinner (I now declare that all adjectives that come before stir-fry must also be hyphenated for effect). When it comes to things like kick-ass stir-fry and pasta sauce (which will surely be making an appearance next time it’s my night to cook), I go a little crazy. I like a lot of things in my food stuffs.

A picture tour of the food preparations:

Dinner break down:

Playlist while cleaning kitchen/making dinner included selections by: Cake, Elvis Costello, Uncle Tupelo, Indigo Girls, Rihanna (you can stand under my um-ber-ella, ey ey ey), Cobie Caillat, Missy Higgins, Amy Ray, Sting, The Refreshments.

Ingredients for crazy-super-yums stir fry included selections of: mushrooms, carrots, red onions, red peppers, baby bok choy, zucchini, squash, green beans, cilantro, pineapple, garlic, noodles, and store-bought stir-fry sauce.

Cost: Surprisingly inexpensive. We had a lot of the ingredients, so the total came to about $11. For feeding 4 people, plus left overs for my dinner tomorrow, that’s pretty dang good (that’s not including the wine my mom picked up on her way home).


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